You are not restrained
by the trappings of the mortal world
the Earth never turned
to affect you
as it does
when seasons dress the trees
in endless ribbons of color
turning from one shade
to the next
so effortlessly.
You are a sea
of conifer trees
with needles
holding green
but below
how deep do your roots go?
The soft dirt
of your ilk
a rich red
you push through.
The cavernous depths
of the hollows beneath you
second only to the ravenous ache
your growth
still clings to.
What malicious worm
of thought
has parasitized you?
These beasts
so low-frequency
compared to the stoic nature
of your mind
but your body
like a relentless root
crumbling structure
and boring through border
in deliberate search
of narcissistic
No ax
of any nature
will stunt you
though you look for a sharp savior
to satiate
or end
How deliciously
You are an acre of beauty above
but below
are a covetous danger.

Jillian wrote this.

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