inner demons, inkblot art with added detail

look out upon this kingdom
surely it’s a kingdom
you got too comfortable up there, kid,
that’s why you can’t see the worth of dirt.
i ain’t got pretty shit i can say,
much less the capacity to understand
the parallel between what i put out
and what comes back to me
but from what i see
beasts down here don’t achieve no more
brains boiling down to
input – function – result
with healthy dose of cognitive dissonance
caulking up the cracks between;
mind you
im no less immune – –
small absurdity and synchronicity
all what’s left to enjoy
for peasants the likes of me.
you got such
impressive ivory towers
stout foundation and spires up to the clouds
i’ve got
nothing but
knarled hands and calloused feet
and focus piped to the end of day
when i’ll be knocking back 5ths to invigorate
staving off that inevitable drawn back
to the night’s light mist of mayday red
on an otherwise flawless wall
and the way the shotgun blast
decimates a skull…
ivory towers reduced to rubble
under a white sheet
on a scuffed-up gurney
and the fuckin’
fresh press
polyester wool blend
tipping smokey bear hats
to the tune of robotic “sorry”s


now you know what the consequences are
don’t cha?

Jillian wrote this.

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