phoenix, inkblot art

You make to study
the ins and outs of the universe
for answers
seeking things
simply explained
without theory
hordes of paperwork
on arithmetic
but Love
the universe is numbers
and you operate
as an ape
or an ant
aside a noble civilization
is a form of transcendental
if you can seperate
your salt
from the ocean.
it’s simple
when it’s natural
but expensive
when you force it.
You know this
by now
souls don’t mold in this world
they disconnect
and numbers don’t move
unless you make them.
If you’re breaking
it’s because you’re seeking
a break down
nothing is worth retaining
unless you keep the rehabilitation
to yourself.
You are not a journey
that needs escorting
and if you’re peacocking
at a basic level
this is not a biography
of self-help.
If you kill yourself
do it in pieces
like a pruning
or preening
diseased branches
and dead feathers
and someone will find your leavings
carve them into decorations
or wear them like war paint
in their hair
and you’ll wonder why
this world is here
if not existing as a testament
to the industrious.
Use them
as an experience
but not
as a reason for
or leaving
and maybe then you’ll have found the answers you’re seeking

Jillian wrote this.

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