reclaiming, inkblot art

they move to pervert
invert the innocence and corrupt the counsel
but these miserable wounds
are only physical
and inside
they can’t fully step to touch you.
softly i speak
to the guardian built to shield you:
pull back only slightly
then push through
because ground is gained
in the name of resiliency;
don’t retreat and allow defeat
ultimate dominion
over the order which represents you.

my love,
to nothing.



if you’re still seeking someone
to relate to the pain
to extract it carefully
to take it away
then this is the place you will wait forever
the watchers are all impassive.

calm comes like a summer sea
stretching ceaseless in all direction
no beasts below disturb the flow
and no storms above, impacting.
say this then
Divine Spark of God
until you believe it
until it becomes part of your soul:
i am sturdy
i am strong
i am tough
i am secure
i am love
i am vast
i am free

believe me
you are more than that mortal body
of limitation
and injury
you are more than restriction.

Jillian wrote this.


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  1. Although we have been gravely mislead by Greek Philosophy which creates grand illusions of separation, the invisible being more important than the physical, segmented parts of soul and spirit, detached from the organs, and an all spark, rather than a loving father who sits beside us, in us, and holds all things together, and who has become man.

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