constant struggle, inkblot art with added detail

Nothing ever canonically indicated
God ordained the sheepdog
to protect his charges.
Mentally, maybe
we of certain cloak
decided there was a better place to be
among the sheep:
over them,
without compromising
despite defending
our deepest need to distant ourselves
from the flock.

We like the fight
we like the challenge
the fear, the chaos, the duty
the respect in rivalry with an enemy
the lazy days ’til we show off our face
on the fields assaulting shadow
in its domain.

Mortality junkies
and a savior complex.

We’re still good
The thirst to assert
over what lurks in the dark
doesn’t challenge that
And triumphing over predator instinct
that’s worth something more
in some respect
than being demure since origin

Lost lambs are innocent
and when found
still fully capable
of reintegration into the fold
but sheepdogs who stray
aren’t worth looking for
I’d say
and once seen taking up with the path of wolves
good Master considers the congregation
and not the sorry brute
which caved
folding back into its primitive ways.

Loyal pups
swayed so easily
from diligency…
I’d like to think
they go on
facing wolves alone
along the furthest parameter
in hermit’s company
even if the reason to be a sentinel
to time, and memory…

But evil won’t discriminate
against chance to integrate
when a prospect stands so worthy.
Stray sheepdogs
get the bullet
not a re-welcoming.

I thought I heard God say
do not be afraid
but sometimes I question
if I’m not in debt to a Devil
and he uses these, my deficits,
against me.

Shoulda stayed a sheep

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