don’t be afraid of the dark
’cause in darkness
and void
exists limitless potential.
in death
you won’t find nothin’ but your weakness
led on by promises of something better
beyond that
to the blind-bought paradise
of judgmental guilt
machined into flesh
chronicling the same names
discarnate blood absolved clean – –
the way isn’t up
it’s out.
the system laid down its sentence
and broke ’em
broken down
and mentally spent
the grunts within
this karmatic wheel
toiling for the sins of others…
hell ain’t
hot fire
it’s material:
derilict spirit
with evil attempting
to morph all into it – –
not a fresh perspective?
so what? screw it.
i ain’t afraid of the dark
’cause darkness
is the crucible of God’s Creation
and i’ve only ever seen demons operate
in the light.

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