in dimness
pitch black
comes the loss of function
’til the reshape
and strengthening
takes place.
there’s nerves
that catch the softness
barely touching
slow slides of the fingertips
over skin
the surging of a six sense
and the base
burnt excruciating
every caught breath
begging for claws
to dig in
but no
that would defeat the purpose.
we come
to moments like these
void of meaning
to let go
and in the barren parts
from the soul
more than the savage ruin.
close in, then
to lips
an inch from brushing
pulling air
from inside the chest
’til everything
is a mess
combined on every level
in offering
and intent.
I can’t sit here and tell you
what love is
but I know
and I taught myself
all the words
it speaks in
and I could spend eternity
mapping the freckles
that span as constellation
over your body
fold my arms
around your form
and reserve my strengths
to upholding
should into harsh night
you consider sinking – –
and endurance
those are my foundation.

so lost in these tunnels of time
the past
and the future
now let me meet you
in the present.

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