A child that goes to school and learns, when it arrives at years of discretion is ashamed of its childish work and destroys it. Thus shall it also happen to thee. As thou writest in such a manner thine own work shall be nought. For which reason there will be much labour for nought and in vain. For the time teacheth and giveth knowledge that not every pearl is a true pearl that is alleged so to be. Therefore a hand shall fall upon thee that will tear thee to shreds.

ok, cmon, let’s be serious u guys.

Jillian Green is a 32-year-old salty fuck, living semi-isolated in the great US state of Tennessee. For reference, she tries to cater all writing here to appeal to her largest traffic demographic: Malaysian sex bots. If you can’t relate to the posts, that’s probably why. Thanks for your time!

idk why I do this anymore.